The online cycling jersey collection

An introduction to our collection

Welcome to this online collection of team cycling jerseys featuring over 200 jerseys!

Thanks to the Art of the Jersey book that was published this year, I have been adding extra team jerseys to the website as well as starting to categorise some of the jerseys into race collections such as the Paris Roubaix and Giro D'Italia.

Although the website now has a wide variety of both current and retro team jerseys, I will also happily accept your submissions and suggestions to be added to the collection!

The latest jerseys added to the collection

Malvor 1988 JerseyMalvor 1988 Jersey
A striking, bold red and green jersey by Sportful that features the cosmetics firm Malvor as well as the Italian bike brand Bottecchia.
Inoxpran/Vuelta Espana 1981Inoxpran/Vuelta Espana 1981
This rare, original wool team jersey by Castelli Jersey is signed by the winner of 1981 Vuelta a Espana Giovanni Battaglin!
TdF 1997 JerseyTdF 1997 Jersey
This yellow jersey was made by Nalini to celebrate Jan Ullrich's victory in the 1997 Tour de France.

Our favourite team jerseys

JerseyLeopard/Trek Jersey
When the Leopard/Trek team was announced, it`s simple and bold styling caused much debate.
Mapei/GB 1996 
JerseyMapei/GB 1996 Jersey
This multi-coloured Mapei/GB team jersey from the 1996 season is a favourite and should be in anybody`s top 10!
Brooklyn Wool 
JerseyBrooklyn Wool Jersey
With four victories in Paris-Roubaix, RdV was known as "Monsieur Paris Roubaix", most people remember him on a GIOS riding this jersey!